Established in 2011, Hair by Bilal has seen itself grow from its beginnings in Beirut, Lebanon, to currently being located at the prestigious Al Messila Resort & Spa in Doha, Qatar. This ‘authentic oasis’ is the perfect home for Hair by Bilal as it shares our philosophy that privacy and pampering go hand-in-hand with comfort and luxury.


Born and raised in Beirut, Bilal Khafaja is the founder and owner of the esteemed Hair by Bilal salon. From childhood, Bilal knew that he was destined for making a mark on people’s lives, but he wasn’t quite sure how that would happen, what his talent would be, nor exactly where his future would lie. His passion for hair started at the age of 13.
It was at that age Bilal fell in love, aesthetically speaking, with the possibilities and promises of beautiful hair styling. As Bilal says, “It was the first time I saw men working in a salon. I saw this woman, her hair was freshly styled, it was so beautiful. I was enthralled. I felt, deep in my heart, that I stumbled on to something that I could pour my soul into.”
With his family’s support, Bilal decided to give it a go. An unwavering passion meant Bilal was fully prepared to start on his journey, and so it was to be… his craving to learn kept growing, gaining valuable on-the-job training along the way. This desire for continuous learning, coupled with an instinctive knack for sharp business skills, set Bilal on the road to providing personalised, unpretentious, yet prestigious services to his own clients, in a setting that is unparalleled in the vibrant city of Doha, Qatar.

Meet the team


A makeup aficionado, Nada’s dream is to establish her own line of cosmetics. Passionate about teaching, Nada says, “When I’m doing makeup, I forget about the whole world and find myself in a world of my own. I would love to be able to pass the torch to the new generation and have them fall in love with this business.”


Hair styling is something that simply comes naturally to Ziad. “I always found hair fascinating and the more I got involved in it, the more it brought me joy,” he says. Ziad says his aim is for stardom and believes that one day he will make a considerable mark on the international hairstyling industry.


It might sound unbelievable, but Mike knew at 11 years old where his future would lie. “I spent most of my childhood in the company of women, particularly while they were doing their hair. While the other kids were out playing, I found my happiness elsewhere -- in the salon!” he laughs. “It was like the salon was the place where I could breathe and be myself.”


Born and bred in Tunisia, for Ashraf, hair styling is something that comes naturally. He is direct and unwavering about his passion. “I feel comfortable in this domain,” he says, “this is what I was born to do.”


In Hamoudi’s world, the client is key. Customer satisfaction is at the top of his game. “I love this business because of the joy I see on a client’s face after I’m done styling. It brings me joy knowing that my talent can bring happiness to their lives,” he says.


Having started out at the age of 17, Zeina carries many years of invaluable experience with her. “I fell in love with the hair industry because it allows me to be creative,” she says. Zeina shares Bilal’s vision of growing the Hair by Bilal brand, and her dream is that one day she will manage one of Bilal’s salons when the brand goes international.


“As a teenager we tend to experience many different things, and so did I, but the only thing that stuck with me was hair styling. I found my true self there. I enjoyed it and I knew it was where I belonged.” Patrick dreams to keep growing with Hair by Bilal as it’s the place where learning never stops, and where he can express himself and his talent.

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The quality of your experience begins the moment you enter our doors. The tasteful interior of our salon transports you to a realm of relaxation and comfort while our staff works with you to find the perfect look for your style. We don’t just want you to walk out of our doors feeling better about yourself, we want you to feel better than when you walked in. You’ll also love our luxurious amenities, including complimentary coffee, valet parking, and outstanding service.

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